J.A. LaMarca

J.A. LaMarca is a professional musician and a recovering college professor who has a great love for writing fiction.

His interests in writing are varied. So far he has written novels in the genres of: romance, science fiction, adventure and political thrillers. In his writing he enjoys involving parallel universes, alternate realities and dreams. He especially likes to unfold how these elements interact with his characters’ consciousness.

Mr. LaMarca’s other interests include theoretical physics, art and the martial art Aikido. His favorite authors span a range of genres from the writings of the Founding Fathers to theoretical physicists such as Brian Greene and Michio Kaku to novelists such as Fyodor Dostoyevsky and Jack Kerouac... To sum it up, the range of literature he enjoys is diverse.
With a projected release date of February 2016 his first published novel, The Book of What If, will be available in paperback at Amazon and all other major conventional outlets. Ebook versions will be available on Kindle and all eBook outlets. Please keep an eye out for him; he is planning on having several new releases in the near future.

Many other books are demanding to be released from the confines of his fertile imagination. He greatly looks forward to taking these flights of fancy with you!