Realm Of Oneiric

By: J. A. LaMarca

In the year 2047 Secret Service agent Richard LaFaro's fiancé, Joanna Michailyuk, is lost to an act of terrorism. Brokenhearted, Richard struggles as he deals with the tragedy. Meanwhile, he labors to defend his trodden society from a weapon of mass destruction stolen by terrorists. However, Richard’s life grows even more tumultuous. While he sleeps Richard’s soul travels to a distant dystopian future. While there he takes the form of Anastasia—a woman who is the very picture of his late Joanna. He soon learns that an insidious, tyrannical machine cripples Anastasia’s world. The people of the future believe they’ve achieved peace and prosperity. Sadly, they are deceived. Manipulated by the machine, they are drawn to fanatical ceremonies where hundreds meet bloody fates. Strangely enough Richard learns that the problems of both worlds are entangled. Driven to save both present and future, Richard and his audacious team set themselves to the task. The stakes are high as the survival of both worlds hangs in the balance.

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Quotes from the book:

"Streaks of silver ran through Joanna’s long windblown hair. Her silken hair and priceless
smile was all Richard saw as he backed out of the short driveway leading from their cabin to the adjoining rough gravel road."

"Joanna used to enjoy colors and music. Being an artist, she lived and breathed colors.
She loved to paint with her favorite music playing. Somehow her paintings magically
exemplified the music she listened to at the time. When Joanna painted to Bach you could
see Leipzig in the year 1723 within her lines. She especially loved to paint with Stravinsky
blaring loudly. “The Rite of Spring”, Le Sacre du printemps, incited a riot of colors just like the
riot that broke out when Stravinsky and Diaghilev premiered the piece at the Théâtre des
Champs-Élysées. She was the lines, color and music in his life. But she was gone, and
Richard’s life turned bleak and silent."
"Transhumanism has brought us freedom, harmony and longevity. All we must do in
return is make the most of our innate abilities. Whether it is art or history—we simply add
useful information to the collectives’ consciousness.”

    “That part of the Singularity seems commendable. But there is another side. Freedom
doesn’t equate into the absence of struggle. You haven’t any freedom. You just don’t realize
it; it’s an illusion. In your society can you speak freely?” she asked.

    “We have certain limitations on speech, I suppose…” James replied until Stacey
interrupted him.

    “So you haven’t freedom of speech—you aren’t free!”
“Yes, Richard. And in our situation, the web of information between worldlines is
critical. The mere knowledge that you have a distant granddaughter means that in some
worldline you and Joanna will marry and have a child. You must do exactly that. It has
happened in another worldline—a worldline that has somehow encroached upon our own.
Don’t you see? All of this must happen to avert a trans-dimensional paradox.”

The Book of What If

A Once In A Lifetime Love

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By: J. A. LaMarca

John Farinacci departs Northern California to visit the grave of his first love—a once in a lifetime love, Catherine Engel. Humbly, he wishes to say a heartbreaking prayer at her grave. Instead she appears before him just as beautiful as he remembers, only now in an angelic form. Catherine reads to him from a book she possesses called The Book of What If. Her words rekindle reminiscences of her shattering struggles as well as their blissful romance. Young, vibrant and alive, images sparkle in his mind now as seen from behind Catherine’s eyes. Poignant, loving yet tragic, she projects the sad path that could separate them. But an echo of a gracious life they share in an alternate realm is magically revealed. From despair to elation, could a shift in consciousness whisk them away into their alternate life—a life as told within The Book of What If?

Quotes from the book:

"From the very first part of the long work the words came across as a lament. I resonated completely with their sorrow. Oppressive rather than forbearing, the vicissitudes of fortune are unpredictable indeed. The constant circle of life that spanned from malevolent to benevolent tended to fall toward the darkness. I understood the cruel subjugation only too well. I experienced it daily at work and in other interactions with those who found themselves superior to me. I suppose things hadn’t changed much during the past seven centuries!"
"Along with the algidity of weather came a congelation of my spirits causing me to form a barrier of ice stratified with biting slivers. I acted out cynically and with a sharp tongue to Lindsey, Mitch and other friends. Certainly everyone around me suffered my irritability. How could a normally warmhearted person take on such a disposition during the holiday season?"
"I paced the floor, pondered, brooded and excogitated about my next actions. More thunder struck as I remembered all the times in the past I’ve endured rejection. Rejection always came to me in the form of a man. They’d profess their affection to me. Then I’d be taken in by their handsome charms. They’d have me for their lustful desires, only to discard me like a rag. How ironic, the one man who never treated me that way has walked out of my life too."
Devilishly I returned his grin. I approached him slowly, one leg in front of the other. Then I paused, taking a sexy and provocative posture in front of him. He sat mesmerized as I circled around him. I teased him by gently running my fingers around his face, neck, shoulders and hair. I allowed my long flowing hair to envelop him. I could hear him breathe in deeply, literally drinking in its freshness. I could tell my man was besotted. It didn’t take too much effort to get him that way.